About Our Owner

Vista Motors was founded and is run by Mr Alex Bowen. Alex has been involved in the premium performance, luxury and classic vehicle industry for many years. Having acquired unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the vehicles and global market in which he operates, Alex has built an extensive track record of successfully purchasing and selling the most sought after, significant and rare new and used vehicles on the market. Alex has built an expansive base of clients who purchase vehicles from him regularly both on and off the market. 

Alex personally oversees and executes the purchasing and selling of each vehicle at Vista Motors. Ensuring the highest levels of service and vehicle excellence are maintained at all times giving our the clients the confidence and assurance that only the highest levels of quality are upheld in every transaction we conclude.

Alex makes a personal investment of both time and capital in each vehicle he purchases for our inventory, ensuring that we always have a diverse inventory of premium new, used and classic vehicles. All of which are in stock and available at all times ensuring we can satisfy any of our clients requirements.

"I have spent many active years in the premium car industry, having first built a strong network of clients and industry professionals in South Africa, I expanded my operations forming bonds with clients, dealers, brokers and manufacturers in Europe, the UK, Asia and North America. At Vista Motors I have developed facilities in South Africa, the USA and the UK to ensure we are always able to operate from key locations around the world in order to best satisfy our clients individual requirements. We have also gained intimate access to new markets allowing us to acquire the most significant, rare and sought after vehicles from leading brands." - Mr Alex Bowen, Vista Motors Owner & Founder.