Capitalise on our unmatched expertise in building your collection of rare automobiles

We have assisted buyers from around the world in creating their very own collections comprised of the finest vehicles on the market. From classic vehicles to modern hyper-cars, our track record of success and enterprise in assisting our clients is unrivalled when it comes to creating a collection of fine automobiles. 

There are a number reasons why you may want to consider investing in a collection of fine vehicles. Certain collector cars have outperformed stocks and shares, stock indexes such as the S&P 500, commodities including gold as well as bonds and unit trusts substantially over the past three and a half decades. For this reason, a collection of expertly selected, vetted and certified limited production vehicles will yield a positive return that will appreciate on a year on year basis.

You may also want to consider building your own collection of vehicles for driving and leisure purposes. Classic and modern classic vehicles, especially those that possess characteristics no-longer present in modern vehicles, deliver to the driver a unique sensation of driving satisfaction and pleasure. Be it the power delivery of a naturally aspirated V12 engine or the gear-change of a traditional manual gearbox. A collection of supercars and race cars will deliver an unrivalled sensation of driving and ownership pleasure.

Many collectors choose to build their own collections attributed to the simple pleasure and joy derived from owning some of the most sought-after and significant vehicles in automotive history. These vehicles are considered by many to be automotive and engineering art. Building a collection of fine vehicles for the simple pleasure of ownership is the perfect combination of collecting for investment purposes and for sheer driving pleasure. You will be able to own and enjoy some of the worlds most sought after vehicles, while being able to yield a return, during which you will have the pleasure of owning, exhibiting, curating and driving a sensational selection of fine automobiles that deliver a sense of pleasure and joy any other investment cannot match. 

Our client bank and success rate in sourcing collector vehicles is unmatched when it comes to acquiring and selling the most sought-after, rare and significant vehicles on the market. Should you wish to build a collection of cars comprised of vehicles we do not currently have in stock, we will gladly find and purchase all of the vehicles you require. 

We have sourced vehicles for clients all around the world and are trusted as an established and reputable dealer when it comes to acquiring vehicles that are challenging to find or require the correct due diligence before purchasing commences. 

We are also able to handle the full importation and export process of each vehicle irrespective of where in the world the vehicle is purchased along with all necessary licensing and registration. We can also provide you with specialised storage facilities where your vehicles will be correctly stored in a temperature controlled, highly secure environment.

Should you wish to build your own collection of fine automobiles or are interested in learning more about car collecting, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you. 

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