Make your vehicle your own with a cherished number

 As well as being able to supply you with any premium vehicle you wish to purchase, we are also able to supply you with your very own personalised registration plate. A personalised registration plate is not only a statement of individuality, but will add another layer of luxury and prestige to your premium vehicle. We actively deal in the personalised number plate market and are able to match the ideal plate to your vehicle inline with your individual requirements. Should we not have the plate you wish to purchase, we are more than happy to work on locating a reg pate that suits your requirements. 

Registration plates that contain low or a bespoke combination of alphanumeric characters are not only a fitting accessory for your premium vehicle, they also represent a unique and high yielding investment opportunity as a registration plate is for life and carries a unique quality of exclusivity that can often exceed the value of certain limited production vehicles. 

We are able to provide you with your very own cherished number irrespective of where you live in South Africa or the UK, we also purchase registration plates and can register a new plate for you. Whether you wish to sell your reg plate, purchase a reg plate, register a new personalised plate or check the availability of a plate you wish to purchase, please feel free to contact us. Our UK registration plates are available should you be purchasing a vehicle from us in the UK or should you wish to register your vehicle in the UK. 

Contact Information
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