How we buy and sell our vehicles

With over five decades of combined experience, expertise, enterprise and a successful track record of transactions that have taken place in all four corners of the globe, we are in the envious position of having established ourselves as industry leaders in the premium performance, luxury and classic vehicle industry. 

Unlike many other dealers, our stock is our own. Sell or return, consignments and commission sales are not our core business. As an independent dealer, our owner makes a personal investment in each vehicle we carry, with each vehicle being expertly inspected and individually selected as a true and genuine example of it's respective make and model. Each of our vehicles are supplied with a one or two year comprehensive warranty as well as certification of authenticity, where applicable.

In order to ensure absolute service and vehicle excellence, all test drives and viewings are strictly by appointment only. For your ultimate convenience, we are able to accommodate vehicle viewings and test drives on any day of the year at any time including all public holidays and weekends. 

Not all of our vehicles are advertised publicly, we do on occasion choose not to place our vehicles in public listings or on the internet and instead wait for certain makes and models to be individually requested. In the event that we have not publicly listed the vehicle you wish to purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us and enquire as to whether we have the vehicle you require. In the event that we do not have the vehicle you require in stock, we will use our unparalleled network of industry professionals to find the vehicle you wish to purchase. We never resort to compromises and leave no stone unturned in finding the vehicle you require.