Why Buy From Us

1) Our expertise, enterprise and combined experience makes us a preferred and reputable new, pre-owned, performance, classic and luxury vehicle dealer with a carefully orchestrated and executed business model that ensures we maintain our   exacting levels of unparalleled service and vehicle excellence.

2) Our aftercare ensures that we have not only built our company on new business as a result of referrals, but the relationship we have with each of our esteemed clients and industry professionals stands the test of time resulting in large sums of repeat business being awarded to us over the years, allowing us to continue to deliver service and vehicle excellence to each one of our clients and industry professionals who purchase vehicles from us.

3) We stand by each and every vehicle we supply to our clients and industry professionals and will never sell a vehicle that  we  do not believe meets the exacting levels of quality and condition we expect for our clients and industry professionals. Each vehicle we supply is expertly inspected and certified to be a true and genuine example without any hidden or covered up issues and flaws.

4) We are an independently run enthusiast owned and staffed company with years of expertise, enterprise, experience and knowledge. We do not have manufacturers dictating to us how we can and can't operate and therefore we are able to ensure we are always competitively positioned to tailor our services to the needs and   requirements of each of our clients with personal service that puts our clients first. 

5) Our vehicles are consistently priced in the most competitive way possible with emphasis on mileage, condition, specification and limited production. Each one of our vehicles are competitively positioned as the best possible example and deal of each respective make and model. 

6) Our network of industry professionals is unrivalled ensuring we are consistently able to meet and often exceed our esteemed clients expectations. Whether you want to sell your existing vehicle, request a specific vehicle you wish to purchase or wish to purchase a new vehicle and part exchange your existing vehicle   against the value of the vehicle you are purchasing. We will leave no stone unturned in using our network of   industry professionals to satisfy your individual needs. 

7) Our stock is our own. All of our vehicles are owned by us and are ready to be signed over to you today. Consignment, sell or return and commission based sales are not our core business. This allows us to give you an immediate answer and decision as to whatever your enquiry may be, whether you wish to purchase a vehicle or sell yours, we will decisively provide you with a conclusive answer to your enquiry.